Our Products

Take a look to our products and the differents fabrics that we use to improve our sports functionality

  • MotionTech Pattern

    Our straight pattern is the most popular, designed to be comfortable and easy to wear, offering a wide range of possibilities.  The Interlock Fabric will give a silky touch and very vivid colours.

  • FlowTech Pattern

    It also features a straight pattern. Utilizing our Breathable Interlock Fabric will offer you excellent breathability, a silky touch, and quick drying. Ideal for extremely hot and humid conditions and individuals concerned about prolonged odours.

  • BodyTech Pattern

    Our ergonomically designed high-performance fabrics and pattern, tailored to fit every athlete's body, features high breathability fabric side panels. A snug-fit model, meticulously crafted for the most demanding athletes where every detail makes a difference. Stand out, feel the distinction!

Our Fabrics

  • Interlock Fabric

    Our most popular fabric, silky touch, quick-drying, and 100% polyester

  • Breathable Interlock Fabric

    High breathability fabric, perfect for indoor sports, silky touch, quick-drying, and 100% polyester.

  • HighPerformance Fabrics

    The combination of these fabrics is carefully thought out and designed for the best adaptation of the garment to physical activity and the conditions athletes face. The primary fabric is the lightest one we have, featuring microcell fabric for high breathability and body ergonomics. We also incorporate microperforated fabric to enhance the garment's lightweight feel, especially when used with our BodyTech model. Finally, we apply ribbing on the collar and sleeve cuffs to ensure the best fit to the body without friction or discomfort.